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Join us in our busy cathedral city centre practice of 16,500 patients & 10 partners. We have been a training practice since vocational training was conceived by George Swift in the early 1960’s then a partner at St Clements, and had the first ever trainee in the UK. We are also involved with significant medical student teaching from Southampton which some registrars enjoy getting involved with. The F2, ST1 and ST2 training benefits from our long experience with undergraduate and postgraduate approaches to learning. We continue to encourage patients to see their own doctor for routine care, but all the doctors take part in a duty team along with triage Nurse Practitioners, for patients with acute needs on a day to day basis. Our nursing team provides chronic disease management as well as traditional treatment room care & minor illness triage within the duty team. The practice has efficient management systems and scores very highly on quality indicators. Check us out at:

The Team

With our diverse large friendly approachable and energetic team, there never seems a dull moment. Be prepared to leave boredom behind, prepare to embrace primary care and even become excited about your future options and potential. We believe in creating a flexible and equitable opportunity for our staff. The 12 doctors (8 male, 4 female) work between 6 and 9 sessions, and these are often renegotiated from year to year. Our Practice manager Kathy keeps us all in order without using a stick! (Here we are working hard and catching a quick glass of water!) St Clements Team The 2 Nurse Practitioners cover mainly the triage and duty team, while the other 4 nurses cover both treatment room & areas of chronic disease management.   The 2 Health Care Assistants do most of the BP monitoring, assist with dressings, and health checks, soon to do ear syringing etc.   Each patient list has a personal receptionist to maintain continuity. We have a strong district nurse, health visitor & midwife team based in the practice. We also have several specialist clinics held within the practice such as physiotherapy, orthopaedic choice and a private chiropractic clinic, all of which our patients can benefit from.


Dr Alex Fitzgerald-Barron

Dr Alex Fitzgerald-Barron

Dr Sudip Nandy

Dr Anna Sayeda

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